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Since 1993 we produce water purification systems. We have continuously expanded our activities on the analysers.

We are one of the top players in our core markets of water purificationTOC measurementamino acid analysis and ion chromatography, offering an outstanding level of technology and quality such as EDI, post column derivatization with Ninhydrin and NDIR TOC detection.

All our low-maintenance systems enable online service support.

Water Purification

membrapure water purification

Advantages of the new systems

  • Compact housing
  • Large touchscreen
  • Remote service module
  • Intuitive software
  • New flexible and lockable dispenser
  • Easy access for cartridge exchange
  • Up to 12 months trackable water quality values


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TOC measurement

membrapure miniTOC


Our systems enable TOC analysis of different water qualities – from ultrapure water in the pharmaceutical industry and in power plants up to waste water from the production sites – we provide the right instrument for the determination of your TOC. Both systems use UV radiation as the oxidation method. The miniTOC uses conductivity measurement and the uniTOC uses NDIR detection for TOC determination.

Each of the detection methods have their respective advantages. The miniTOC is more convenient for pure and ultrapure water (conductivity < 2µS/cm), whereas the uniTOC unit offers a wider application spectrum.

Amino Acid Analyzer

membraPure offers two systems for chromatography: the amino acid analyser (AAA) and ion chromatograph (IC). Both systems combine classic analysing methods with innovative technology.

The AAA system of the new generation ARACUS makes analysis of amino acids more modern, fast and simple. It uses the classic means of routine analysis in amino acids by post-column derivatisation with ninhydrin, also known as the “gold standard”.

A new procedure was developed which allows for the analysis of physiological and hydrolysate amino acids with the same buffer system and column.

The ARACUS amino acid analyser has a compact design consisting of three individual units: the main unit, the autosampler and the eluent rack EluBox. The software is very user friendly, self-explanatory and meets the latest GLP criteria.

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