Friability Testing Tablet

Background: Friability Testing
Friability is the tendency for a tablet to chip, crumble or break
following compression and can occur due to shock or abrasion
during subsequent manufacturing steps, packaging or shipping.
Normally limited to uncoated tablets and surfaces, it is a
tendency that can significantly erode tablet quality.
Tablets need to be hard enough so that they do not break up in the bottle,
to safeguard product stability and dose uniformity, but sufficiently friable to
disintegrate in the gastrointestinal tract and release the active(s).
Chapters Ph. Eur. 2.9.7 and USP <1216> describe reproducible and standardised
methods and equipment to determine the friability of a tablet.



Advanced friability testers for all tablet types
Providing highly reproducible and cost-efficient friability testing, the FRVi
series of friability testers from Copley allow analysts to easily characterise
the critical tendency of tablets to chip, crumble or break.
Based on an original design by Roche, the Copley FRVi Series friability tester is an established
standard within the pharmaceutical industry. Equipped with advanced design features,
ranging from convenient sample loading and unloading to an integrated friability calculator,
the FRVi Series streamlines the workflow associated with routine friability testing.

Friability interface


Intuitive menu structure enables users to locate
features quickly and easily
• Resistive touchscreen interface can be operated
with gloves on
• Easy-set user-configurable test parameters:
Speed (revolutions per minute)
Total revolutions
Test duration (HH:MM:SS)
• Hygienic wipe-clean screen
• High productivity – easy system set-up
and operation minimises training burden
• Calculation of Friability Ratio
• Status of ‘Actual’ v ‘Set’ test parameters clearly
displayed throughout testing
• Test progress bar provides clear and constant
indication on run status

Friability Testing Tablet System

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