Gasmix Aiolos II

Aiolos II

Aiolos II The intelligent gas mixer, diluter & injector

Aiolos II membantu untuk menghemat uang anda dan memberikan anda flexibilitas, banyak lab di dunia menggunakan Aiolos untuk menghasilkan multi-point calibration, memerika linieritas dan mem validasi LOD/LOQ.
Aiolos II adalah generasi terbaru dari  GasMix™ yang telah diproduksi AlyTech sejak 10 tahun. Dengan melakukan pencampuran / pengenceran dari 2 hingga 4 gas,  Aiolos akan menghasilkan gas standard on-site dengan konsentrasi yang anda inginkan hingga level konsentrasi yang sangat rendah. Akurasi dan Reproducibility dari gas standard telah diterima dengan baik oleh user user yang sangat peduli dengan performasi Metrologi.

Aiolos II Benefit

  • Software yang mempermudah user dalam pengoperasian
  • Sequence injeksi dapat dipergunakan untuk mempermudah prosedur QA/QC
  • Full automation: dengan meg integrasikan proses pengenceran, injeksi dan waktu flushing dalam Aiolos II dengan alat GC atau analyzer
  • Improved accuracy: MFC (Mass Flow Controller) yang dikalibrasi multi point berdasarkan gas yang akan dipergunakan
  • Rigorous metrology : full traceability, dokumentasi dan sertifikasi
  • Compliance with ISO 6145-7


Aiolos II Schem

Made by experts, GasMix™ has its dedicated, user-friendly and intuitive software. Easy to handle, the software controls the operation of the system, calculate the mixtures, handle the calibration tables, and much more. The software can operate an injection valve (optional) and communicate with an analyzer. Required mixtures a dilutions can be programmed in sequences which enable multipoint calibration in a fully automatic manner. This way the operator just connects the cylinders to the diluter, sets up the input pressure, launches the sequence and comes back in some time to look at the results. The operator bench time is therefore significantly reduced!

Excellent metrology assured: Every individual Mass Flow Controller (MFC) used in GasMix™ instruments undergoes a rigorous factory calibration procedure at 20 points across whole range ensuring highest accuracy and linearity with particular attention to low and high end. The procedure is repeated for every gas matrix on customer choice (He, Ar, CH4, H2, N2, Air, …). Multipoint calibration tables for every gas are stored in the software and applied automatically for the selected gas. The instrument not only accurately prepares the gas mixture, but also automatically calculates and reports maximum relative uncertainty for every delivered concentration.

GasMix™ are unique diluters on the market capable to deliver a certificate for the produced concentration

To respect the safety and the quality Aiolos II automatically stop mixing  in response to alarm settings done by the user. The audit trail track all events as they occur, like alarms, deviations, login. Power user can access to them anytime, even months after the operation was performed.

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