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AlyTech is a French company which manufactures GasMix ™ gas mixers and dilutors, and distributes the analysis instruments of the PAC-Antek range.

Since 1999, we have been the exclusive distributor for France, southern Belgium and North Africa of the complete line of PAC-Antek products. This includes laboratory and online analyzers for total nitrogen, total sulfur, and specific sulfur and nitrogen detectors for GC.

In the mid-2000s we created the GasMix ™ Aiolos, a gas mixer-dilutor for the automatic calibration of analyzers.

This system allows the preparation of standard gases from 2 to 12 gases according to ISO 6145-7, for multipoint calibration. The internal development of its software, supported by the support of mathematicians from IFPen as part of the PME-PMI system, makes it a unique and very efficient product. Since then, the GasMix ™ family of diluter-mixers has grown with the launch of LiqMix, which generates standard gases by vaporizing liquids, and Zephyr, the miniaturized version of GasMix.

But AlyTech is more than that!
It is a team of chemists and technicians at the service of analysts. Our experience of more than 15 years in elemental analysis and chromatography allows us to bring you real know-how and a full range of maintenance and remote maintenance services.







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