Identify narcotic substances with Raman

Raman spectroscopy is excellent at identifying the vast majority of narcotic substances. Since Raman does not consume or tamper with the sample, there is no risk of destroying or invalidating evidence. The identification is done in seconds and without the need to open the plastic bag or glass container. Keeping the unknown substance contained is a huge benefit, since many narcotic substances are hazardous or even lethal.

Adapting to a rapidly changing landscape

Every year, there are more than 50 new narcotic substances reaching the illegal market. For law enforcement officials, keeping up with new substance definitions is a challenge and traditional methods, such as wet chemistry tests, cannot keep up. To make sure its customers are always up to date, Serstech updates its narcotics library every quarter and keeps adding new narcotics and precursors, together with CAS numbers and GHS symbols for each substance.

Serstech’s instruments are delivered with ChemDash, a powerful software that among other things lets its users quickly and easily update all instruments in the organization with the latest narcotics definitions. By using the complimentary ChemDash software, it is easy to stay up to date in a rapidly changing world.

Fast decision making and reporting

During an anti-narcotics operation, it is often vital to get quick and precise decision support. Serstech’s instruments are small and light enough to be carried around in a backpack or a pocket and has battery life enough to last a long working day. By always having the instruments at hand, a decision to apprehend or release a suspect can be made in seconds and without exposing the operative to potentially harmful substances.

All measurements are stored safely in the instrument, which can hold far beyond 100 000 measurements in its persistent memory. The measurements can be transferred by using a USB cable or wirelessly (Serstech Arx only) to a computer for further analysis, reporting and sharing with the rest of the organization or as part of the evidence handling.

Custom-made libraries

Every national or regional law enforcement has its own set of prioritized narcotics substances, based on their prevalence in the local communities. Serstech is adding new substances to its proprietary libraries every quarter and it is also easy for a law enforcement agency to add its own, e.g. based on street samples seized in recent operations.

New substances are added in about a minute, and can then be distributed to other instruments within or outside the organization, by using ChemDash. The custom-made libraries allow you to stay up to date every day and make sure everyone in your organization has the latest and most relevant substance definitions in every instrument.


Ease of use to a new level

The time and effort necessary to get a clear answer are keys to efficient and professional work in anti-narcotics. Serstech Arx introduces an industry-first One-Click button to identify a substance. Very limited, if any, training is needed to operate Serstech Arx and a precise identification is available in seconds.

Serstech SERS kit for low concentrations

Some narcotic substances are hard to identify with any instrument on the market. Therefore, Serstech provides a SERS kit, which uses patented technology to greatly amplify the Raman signal in a substance. Through this amplification, the Serstech 100 Indicator and Serstech Arx instruments can detect and precisely identify very low concentrations of narcotic substances, even street-quality heroin that has been highly diluted.

SERS stands for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy and is also part of the Serstech company name. Serstech’s SERS technology has been patented and can detect substance concentrations down to 200 ppm in many cases.


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