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Welcome to Precisa Analytical Balance Instruments, one of the leading manufacturers of measuring instruments in the precision and analysis field. We develop and produce first-class and high-quality Swiss made analytical instruments near Zurich, which support you in your daily work. The high user-friendliness, the practicality and the design will inspire you for a long time.

Precisa Analytical Balance Instruments Discover our high-quality precision measuring instruments and easily find your product or compare the different models with the product finder.

Analytical / Semimicro



Moisture Analyzer


Feature Precisa (All Models)

Features (all models) Swiss made Swiss made Colour touch screen Colour touch screen Self-Linearization-System Self-Linearization-System Self-Calibration-System Self-Calibration-System External calibration External calibration Easy alphanumeric input Easy alphanumeric input RS232 interface for PC / printer RS232 interface for PC / printer USB device USB device USB host USB host Communication options Communication options Ethernet Ethernet WiFi WiFi Human interface device Human interface device EU/OIML type approval EU/OIML type approval * Support IQ/OQ/PQ Support IQ/OQ/PQ Anti-theft protection Anti-theft protection Direct tare and reference weight entry Direct tare and reference weight entry Clock (printout GLP/GMP, auto-cal, etc.) Clock (printout GLP/GMP, auto-cal, etc.) Internal audit trail Internal audit trail Below balance weighing Below balance weighing Optional evaporation trap for pipette calibration Optional evaporation trap for pipette calibration * not available for H_ 520A Swiss Made

013_LCD-TS-d20cace9 Colour Touch Screen

050_SLS-4992b708 Self-Calibration-System

054_ExtCal-2a2721af External calibration

100_EasyAlphan-838f24f3 Easy alphanumeric input

200_RS232-488fd0e6 RS232 interface for PC / printer

201_USB_device-c41c78b3 USB device

610_ATProtect-987f1a80 Anti-theft protection

620_TareAndRef-6cb68a0d Direct tare and reference weight entry

800_BelowBalW-f675a11b Below balance weighing



202_USB_host-1da5ae5e USB host

220_Comm-85dab355 Communication options

230_Ethernet-1994afa3 Ethernet

240_WiFi-c52c1b92 WiFi

270_HID-897cd6d3 Human interface device

600_EU-OIML-20cf5835 EU/OIML type approval *

605_IQ-OQ-PQ-e336885f (1) Support IQ/OQ/PQ

630_Clock-d80bbe08 Clock (printout GLP/GMP, auto-cal, etc.)

640_IAT-12f98121 Internal audit trail

830_PipetteCalibration-f120f7d9 Optional evaporation trap for pipette calibration

Applications (All Models)

010_Units-e5bc8aaa (1) Variety of measurement units

020_Percent-4ddf6feb Percent weighing

030_PieceCounting-f92415a1 Piece counting

040_Animal-3348fa41 Animal weighing

060_Check-5ae10357 Check weighing

070_NetTotal-6ef583fa Net total application: Add up summation

080_FreeConv-2f7da829 Free conversion Area conversion

090_Statistics-beb0d10f Statistics

100_REC-4af7b37f Recorder

120_DDW-7fc5537c Dynamic weighing and differential weighing (weighing on ship)

600_MSW-a964e537 Minimum sample weight according to USP

900_ART-44ae00ea Automatic repeatability test

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