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SCION Instruments adalah pemasok terkemuka Gas Kromatografi. Dibangun di atas warisan Varian GC dan GC-MS, SCION mengembangkan, memproduksi dan memasarkan sistem mulai dari GC yang sederhana hingga GC analyzer yang dirancang untuk aplikasi dan analisis kompleks.

Dengan CompassCDS, tersedia Sistem Data Chromatography yang kuat yang membawa warisan selama 20 tahun dan pengembangan berkelanjutan ke desktop Anda. Terhubung ke berbagai instrumen GC dan LC dari vendor yang berbeda, CompassCDS menyediakan antarmuka pengguna yang intuitif dan kaya aplikasi dengan fitur khusus industri dan fungsi untuk masuk ke setiap kombinasi laboratorium dan jenis industri.


Fitur GC-436

Ukuran yang hemat ruang
Oven dengan kenaikan suhu tertinggi (170 ° C / menit)
GC 2 Chanel yang fleksibel
2 Injektor, 1 Detektor + MS
Electronic flow control (EFC), 3 Chanel dengan resolusi 0,001psi yang presisi
Layar LCD warna yang besar, didukung banyak bahasa
Kemampuan otomatisasi penuh melalui perangkat lunak CompassCDS dan Autosampler



Fitur GC-456

Fleksibilitas konfigurasi GC tertinggi di kelas nya
Kapasitas besar, oven dengan kecepatan kenaikan suhu yang tinggi (150 ° C / menit)
Kapasitas: 3 Injector, 3 Detektor + MS.
Full Electronic Flow Control (EFC), hingga 21 chanel pada resolusi 0,001psi yang presisi
Layar LCD warna yang besar, didukung banyak bahasa
Fleksibilitas untuk menambah sampler, valve, oven valve, kapabilitas backflush dan penggantian kolom, dll., Diprogram dan dikendalikan dan melalui CompassCDS

Fitur Artemis 6000

Turn-key solution with reliable performance
∙ Based on SCION’s 50+ years experience in chromatography, results in unmatched performance
∙ Configured package for various applications, e.g. protein hydrolysate, physiological fluid, etc.
∙ Pre-tuned and recommended conditions for “Inject and Run”
∙ Excellent sensitivity with a detection limit as low as 8 pMol (Asp 3p Mol), with great separation power: average peak resolution>1.5, all peak resolution >1.2 (hydrolysate AA) or >1.0 (free AA)

Ease of use
∙ Fully controlled by 21 CFR part 11 compliance data system with multi-language support
∙ Visualised LCD with direct control and support method creation, editing and saving
∙ Modular design, ease of maintenance

Productivity & Robust
∙ Fully automated analysis with protection, e.g. auto washing, leakage protection, etc.
∙ Rapid analysis: 30 – 50 min for hydrolysate sample, 70 – 180 min for physiological sample
∙ Outstanding repeatability in both retention time and peak area
∙ Long-term stability with replaced buffer and consumables
∙ High efficient separation column and ammonia filter column with long lifetime
∙ Inert and non-metal materials for pipes contact with buffer solutions & samples to avoid interference
∙ All buffers protected by inert gas, store in reagent organizer with refrigeration

LC 6000


Superior gradient performance and excellent flow rate precision
The Scion 6100 Quaternary pump has a new low-pressure mode called High Frequent Mode (HFM), which utilises a double switching function of proportioning valves. HFM with the high-speed real-time feedback control system greatly suppresses liquid pulsation for superior reproducibility of gradient and retention times.
Excellent injection volume precision and ultra-low carry-over
The newly adopted high-precision syringe drive unit provides excellent injection volume precision. Dead volume in the SCION 6210/6220 Autosampler flow path has been minimised. Syringe washing protocols, and stringent temperature control has resulted in a superior precision autosampler with extremely low carry-over.
Best Chromatography
The SCION 6310 Column Oven delivers accurate Peltier-based heating cooling profiles, delivering sharp peaks with excellent peak symmetry. The column oven accommodates three 250 mm ID-tagged analytical columns fitted with a guard-column. We are able to offer a full product line of LC columns with our 6000 Series HPLC, effective immediately. A wide selection of base materials, dimensions, functional groups and particle sizes is now available to fit most HPLC applications.
Excellent Detector Performance
The 6000 Series HPLC line-up comes with a portfolio of detectors including Ultra Violet and Diode Array Detector, Fluorescence and Refractive Index all designed for stability, precision and sensitivity.


Fitur HT 3 Static and Dynamic System

Dramatic improvements in sensitivity are achieved with the new Dynamic Headspace option, while maintaining the ruggedness and reliability of a traditional Static Headspace instrument.​


Standard integrated 60-position autosampler with 10-position platen heater provides true walk away automation
Increased sensitivity from 50 to 100 times with the Dynamic Headspace option (compound dependent)
Removable sample path for trouble-free maintenance
High temperature capability to 300°C expands range of applications
Inert sample pathway including transfer line, sample needle and loop provide superior analytical results by eliminating adsorption and reducing carryover
Automated Leak Check and Benchmark for quick troubleshooting
Automated method development using Method Optimization Mode (M.O.M.)
21 CFR Compliance
Built-in Mass Flow Controller ensures consistent flow and pressure for all samples regardless of external conditions​
USP <467>
EPA Method 5021


Fitur Versa Automated Sampler Vial

Key Highlights:
Small on size but big on value. Only 12″ wide
20-position autosampler/single position platen oven
22mL vials
Sample heating to 200°C throughout pathway
Built-in pressure control to ensure consistent volume for all samples regardless of external conditions
Inert sample pathway including transfer line, sample needle, and loop provide superior analytical results by eliminating adsorption and reducing carryover
Automatic leak check and Benchmark test for quick troubleshooting
Simple method development using Method Optimization Mode (M.O.M.)
Versa TekLink™ 2G software for use as standard or full 21 CFR compliance​
Methods & Applications
The Versa can quickly and accurately identify residual solvents in bulk or finished pharmaceuticals as prescribed in the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and it meets all of the guidelines per USP Method <467>.

USP <467>
EPA Method 5021
Further applications include:

Dissolved Gas Analysis per Method RSK-175
Screening of high level samples with EPA Method 5021
China Environmental Method GB-5749

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