Semisolids Testing

Copley offers the HDT Series designed for the assessment of drug release from semisolid formulations. The range includes innovative dry-heat systems and the more traditional water-jacketed heating systems.


Semisolids Testing Feature

SemiSolid feature

Simple, reproducible semisolid drug release measurement
With precision heating and integrated powerful magnetic stirrers, Copley’s
compact HDT 1000 test system offers full control over all test parameters
and has become the benchmark vertical diffusion cell test system for
many labs.
Using an innovative heating block approach, the HDT 1000 eradicates the difficulties and
the “spaghetti” of tubing associated with water-jacketed cell systems and accommodates
either endpoint, discrete manual or fully automatic sampling techniques. A dedicated
stirrer mounted beneath each station ensures thorough mixing throughout testing for
accurate sampling.

copley dissolution

Meeting the latest specifications as laid down in the European, United States and associated Pharmacopoeias, the DISi Series are a range of reliable and cost-efficient dissolution tester systems designed with the highest standards of solid dosage testing performance in mind.


Tablet Hardness Testing

From simple hand-held units for use on the production floor, to semi-automated units for advanced analysis, Copley offers hardness testers to suit every analyst’s needs.