Serstech is Sweden based Company focus on development and production of handheld Raman Analyzer. Firstly made it products to support Safety and security Industry, now Serstech is known as the maker of most robust, flexible and state of art technology of Handheld Raman in all Industry.

Commitment to quality and long-term value. Serstech does not charge its partners or customers for updates of libraries or firmware, which means that all products continuously evolve, adding more and more value throughout their lifecycles. We do this since we want to make sure our customers have the latest substance libraries, the most features and the highest quality. Without compromise

Handheld Raman

Serstech Handheld Raman
Serstech 100 Indicator

The Serstech 100 Indicator is a hand-held, small and light Raman spectrometer that can identify more than 14.000 substances. Customisable with fully validated and data-enriched libraries.

Truly hand-held. The Serstech 100 Indicator is small and light and comfortably fits in your hand or uniform pocket. It’s robustness, high quality and high performance provide near lab-quality analysis in the field even under tough conditions.

Customisable. The same instrument can at any time be customised for your needs and it can identify any combination of explosives, narcotics, toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), pharmaceuticals and chemical warfare agents.

Connected. Manage your devices, measurements and custom substance libraries across your organisation with ChemDash – the included management and reporting software.

Easy to use. Serstech 100 Indicator display is easy to understand and gives accurate responses in seconds. Connect it wirelessly or via cable to ChemDash for reporting and management of users, measurements and libraries.

Serstech Arx is a revolutionizing instrument, introducing SharpEyeTM – a patented auto focus technology which improves the signal quality dramatically. Serstech Arx identifies unknown substances quickly and precisely.

Serstech Arx and SharpEyeTM give a precise result since SharpEyeTM identify substances precisely, thanks to automatically obtaining the optimal focus point in milliseconds. It can detect the difference between the container and the actual substance, giving an improved measurement result. The autofocus makes it possible to detect and minimize fluorescence from containers.

New user interface and efficient workflows. Serstech Arx is built on a modern software platform, putting usability and algorithms in focus. The brand new graphical user interface is easy to navigate and new features such as Guided Scan and the Quick Access feature make it possible to get precise results, faster. The new algorithms result in fast and precise identifications of both pure samples and complex mixes of substances. The results are presented in a simple way, making it possible for almost anyone to interpret and use. Decision support in seconds.

Truly handheld. Serstech Arx is lighter and smaller compared to previous Serstech models and yet – even more powerful. Serstech Arx lets you get focused on what is important and make decisions based on reliable measurement results – wherever you are.

Easy to use. Serstech Arx is easy to understand and gives accurate responses in seconds. Connect it wirelessly or via cable to ChemDash for reporting and management of users, measurements and libraries. Serstech Arx has been designed from the ground up to support a highly efficient workflow!

Handheld Raman equiped with SERS kit
SERS Kit – Highly Sensitive for Low Concentration Detection

Quick identification of difficult substances:

Serstech SERS Kit

Heroin • Fentanyl • Meth Amphetamine • Cannabis • Cocaine • Marijuana • Low concentration street samples

The Serstech SERS kit is used together with Serstech 100 Indicator to enhance the capability to identify dark coloured substances or mixtures with very low concentrations. The device is even capable of detecting ppm levels of “street quality” samples of e.g. heroin, fentanyls, marijuana and cannabis among others. The Serstech SERS kit is based on patent pending technology used together with disposable SERS surfaces.

In short, the signals from substances are amplified while fluorescence is being reduced. This is made possible thanks to 3D oscillation, a new and patented solution.

Handheld Raman easy to use software

Build your own libraries

You can name every substance and add CAS numbers, GHS symbols and other relevant information. You can even add your Standard Operating Procedures to the libraries.

Efficient and easy to use

Serstech ChemDash is easy to learn and will make your workflow more efficient. Manage, update and synchronize all instruments in your organization with a few clicks.

View and analyze the details

Create reports based on your measurements in seconds and save and share them instantly. ChemDash is built on state-of-the-art technology and runs on Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Keep your organization up to date

ChemDash is the central management software for all Serstech devices in your organization. Set user rights and synchronize to all instruments. Use ChemDash to sync and backup all measurements from all devices. ChemDash also allows you to quickly and easily update the firmware of all your devices.

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