serstech indicator 100

The Serstech 100 Indicator is a hand-held, small and light Raman spectrometer that can identify more than 14.000 substances. Customisable with fully validated and data-enriched libraries.

Truly hand-held. The Serstech 100 Indicator is small and light and comfortably fits in your hand or uniform pocket. It’s robustness, high quality and high performance provide near lab-quality analysis in the field even under tough conditions.

Customisable. The same instrument can at any time be customised for your needs and it can identify any combination of explosives, narcotics, toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), pharmaceuticals and chemical warfare agents.

Connected. Manage your devices, measurements and custom substance libraries across your organisation with ChemDash – the included management and reporting software.

Easy to use. Serstech 100 Indicator display is easy to understand and gives accurate responses in seconds. Connect it wirelessly or via cable to ChemDash for reporting and management of users, measurements and libraries.

indicator 100

Truly hand-held:

The Serstech 100 Indicator is compact and lightweight meaning that it can comfortably fit into the user’s hand or a uniform pocket. The handheld spectrometer is robust and high quality, so it can provide near lab-quality analysis in the field regardless of the conditions. The interface is also designed to be used whilst wearing protective equipment and has an intuitive design so that quick decisions can be made.

The Raman technology effect occurs when light from a laser interacts with the sample molecules. The light scattered from the molecules gives rise to a spectrum that typically consists of a series of sharp lines and constitutes molecules fingerprint. There are many advantages to using Raman technology in the Indicator 100, it can be used on both solids and liquids, is able to identify a substance through glass and plastic containers, no need for sample preparation, no issues with water solutions and there is a low maintenance cost as there is no need for pumps, filters or moving parts.


The Raman spectrometer is an all-in-one solution with one instrument for all types of chemicals. The training to use the device can be completed within hours. No consumables, factory calibration or maintenance cost is needed once the analyser is purchased. The spectrometer includes a rechargeable battery which lasts more than eight hours and updates of software and substance libraries are also included. Once used, the Indicator is quick and easy to decontaminate meaning that there are no extra costs or additional work needed.  


The handheld raman spectrometer can be customised to the user’s needs and can identify any combination of explosives, narcotics, toxic industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals and chemical warfare agents. The libraries that are available for the 100 Indicator Raman Spectrometer include:

– Explosives

– Hazardous

– Pharmaceuticals

– Chemicals

– Chemical Warfare Agents


The user can manager devices, measurements and custom substance libraries from within the organisation using ChemDash – this is the included management and reporting software. It can be used on a PC or in the cloud. With the software, the user can manage, expand and name custom substance libraries, they can create reports and export measurements for further analysis also. User accounts can be managed, and user privileges can be set to secure chain-of-evidence.


The 100 Indicator Spectrometer makes every-day work safer, easier and more efficient for industries that use chemical analysis. The spectrometer would benefit industries such as pharmaceutical companies, hazmat teams, environmental protection agencies, CBRN readiness teams and many more.