Spectrophotometer UV2600 UV-Vis

Techcomp UV2600 – Variable Slit Double beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer. 
High sensitivity and high resolution measurement can be achieved easily.  Reflectance measurement is possible with the integrating sphere accessory.


  1. The excellent long focal length C-T monochromator ensures ultra-low stray light of 0.010%T, allowing a wider range of sample concentration measurements.
  2. Reliable and accurate measurement
  3. The pulse-modulated dual-beam system realizes the dual light path detection of the same light source and the same detector, which ensures the high stability of the instrument baseline.
  4. High-quality deuterium and halogen lamps ensure high performance, long life usage.  The light sources are pre-aligned and there is no need to perform adjustment during instrument installation and lamp replacement.
  5. High resolution monochromator for true micro sample analysis (50μL)
  6. Intuitive, convenient UV Analyst spectral analysis software with multi-tasking operation and multi-spectra display.

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  1. Photometric measurement, wavelength scanning, quantitative calculation, time scanning, protein/nucleic acid analysis and many other functions.
  2. Self-diagnosis and GLP/GMP wizard allow quick inspection of the instrument’s status and performance to ensure the reliability of the analysis results.
  3. Thermostat auto-sipper and multiple cell sampler holder can be controlled by PC software for special applications
  4. Compatible to high performance and wide temperature range temperature controlled cell holder from Quantum Northwest Inc (www.qnw.com)

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  1. Diffused transmittance and reflectance of liquid and solid sample measurement are possible with the 60mm integrating sphere.



Techcomp UV2600 Instruction Manual

Spectrophotometer UV2600 UV-Vis

The electronic spectra of small molecules in the gaseous state often reveal many molecular rotation and vibration lines. The analysis of these spectra can give a lot of molecular structure information and the potential energy curve of the ground state and excited electronic state. The visible absorption spectrum of iodine molecular vapour in the 500 nm-650 nm range is always a good example.

As the resolution of the UV-Vis spectrophotometer increases, this spectral structures will show up. In this experiment, we use the Techcomp UV2600 ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer. We can change the resolution of the instrument by changing the slit width of the instrument, and do the visible absorption spectrum scan of iodine vapour.


Techcomp UV2600 UV/Vis spectrophotometer


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Comparison of iodine vapor spectra in the range of 500 – 520nm under different slit widths

Comparison of the iodine vapour spectra under the slit width of 0.1 nm and 1.0 nm

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