Series 340 EM prepASH

  • Space for 29, 19 or 12 samples
  • Readability of 0.0001 g and capacity 120 g
  • Fully automatic thermo-gravimetric analysis operating at temperatures of up to 1000 °C
  • Touch screen controls

The Series 340 EM prepASH thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) automatically measures moisture, ash and loss of ignition at reduced workload and costs. The entire process is monitored and recorded from start to finish in a closed system. The prepASH is designed as an autonomous device and does not require any additional PC, it is available in 3 models.

Combining furnace, high precision balance and automation, the prepASH Series enables a huge reduction in workload through the simultaneous TGA analysis of moisture, ash and volatiles content. In one working cycle, 12, 19 and even 29 samples are dried and ashed fully, automatically.

Typical applications are analyses of thermoplastics, elastomers, thermosets, metals, coal, coke, ceramics as well as a variety of analyses in the chemical, construction, food, animal feed, agricultural product and pharmaceutical industries. When determining sulfated ash, there is no need for critical handling with aggressive acids and the resulting acid vapors at high temperatures.

Automatic ashing and drying systems (macro TGA) Series 340 prepASH 

The three models in the prepASH 340 series:

  • prepASH 229 for 29 or 12 samples
  • prepASH 219 for 19 or 12 samples
  • prepASH 212 for 12 samples

prepASH 340 series representing the highest level of fully automatic thermo-gravimetric analysis operating at temperatures of up to 1000oC


  • Built-in high performance analytical balance 0.0001 g.
  • Massive reduction in the work-load through the simultaneous evaluation of the moisture and ash content of up to 29 samples in one cycle without desiccator.
  • Over 36 hours analysis time available.
  • Selectable atmosphere (N2, O2, Air), exhaust option for measure sulphate-ash.
  • Display 5.7“ VGA colour touch screen keyboard.
  • Remote Monitoring on PC via Network.
  • Various communication ports: Ethernet, USB (PC, Printer).
  • Printout: Graphics, Tables, Methods and Statistics.
  • Measurements meet the requirements of DIN, ASTM, ICC and others.
  • Error free reports conform to GLP guidelines.

340 EM prepASH is the latest in the new generation of thermo-gravimetric analysis instruments. It determines moisture and ash values automatically and produces up to 80% savings in workload and costs. The prepASH provides higher precision and reproducibility of the results through considerable improvements of manual procedures. This is an instrument where no technology transfer data loss occurs and where the entire process is monitored and recorded from start to finish. In one working cycle, up to 29 specimens and a reference pan are ashed fully automatically in accordance with the latest quality guidelines, monitored and recorded within a wide temperature range of 50° to 1000°C. Safety and reliability in the storage of fundamental data and operating parameters are guaranteed.


340 EM prepASH series consists of a muffle furnace combined with an analytical balance and advanced software using a touch-screen user interface. Weighing curves are recorded over time for each individual test sample. This permits automatic end-point determination and control during the entirety of the drying and ashing process. No additional computer is needed.

Easy method development with prepASH

  • Definition of temperature profile
    Temperature curves can be individually configured and consist of more than 10 freely definable steps (ramping/holding). Temperature’s can be set between 50°C to 1000°C. Combustion atmosphere can be varied by choosing the process gas (air, O2, N2).
  • Setup of the end-point determination
    The analysis is finished when all samples have reached a stable weight. The auto-stop criteria can be chosen from 0.1-9.9 mg per 1min, 30 min or 60min. Alternatively the analysis can be stopped at a fixed time.
  • Selection of results calculation
    The results are calculated as losses or residuals in respect of weighing-in or pre-interval values (e.g. dry mass). The user may choose between %, ‰, g/kg, g.

All parameters are saved as individual methods on the prepASH.

Efficient daily analysis in just a few Steps with prepASH

1st Step: Method selection and Weighing-in
Select the method for your analysis. Enter your ID’s (Name or Number) for your samples and crucibles via the touch screen, keyboard or barcode reader. Place your crucibles (1 reference + up to 29 samples) into the turn-table and start the automatic tare cycle. Then start your weighing-in procedure by putting the samples into the crucibles.

2nd Step: Unassisted / Standalone Analysis
After the weighing-in has been completed simply press the start button to start your analysis of the selected method. Now the prepASH has started it will continue to measure the crucible’s until each sample has reached the auto-stop criteria. At the end of the analysis the prepASH will give an acoustic signal, switch off the heating system, cool down and open the lid.

3rd Step: Report output
The prepASH is printing out a report according GMP/GLP onto your connected USB or network printer. The report shows all process parameters together with weight curves and the result of each sample. PC software prepDATA helps for extended data evaluation, online monitoring, statistics and report preparation.

Important features:

Fully automatic measurement of drying and ignition residue

  • Automatic compensation of the air buoyancy
  • Continuous weighing and storage of weight changes
  • Option to develop new methods with temperature and time profile. The system follows the specified profile precisely
  • The sample chamber is opened and closed automatically or by touching an icon

Practical touch screen controls

  • High-resolution graphics touch screen (colour, VGA 5.7″)
  • Very simple, language-independent user guidance by icons
  • Process sequence with all parameters shown on the colour screen

Perfect quality records with or without an additional PC

  • Real-time display of the weight loss during the drying and ignition process
  • Error-free results recording in accordance with FDA/GLP guidelines
  • Display of up to 29 samples, individually or in groups (coloured)
  • PC software prepDATA for extended data evaluation, online monitoring, statistic and report

340 EM prepASH

ModelCapacityReadabilityTemp. RangeCrucibles
prepASH 229120 g0.1 mg / 0.01 ‰50 – 1000 °C29 pcs. / 35 ml
prepASH 219120 g0.1 mg / 0.01 ‰50 – 1000 °C19 pcs. / 35 ml
prepASH 212120 g0.1 mg / 0.01 ‰50 – 1000 °C12 pcs. / 40 ml